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Hi! I’m Dr. Betty Choi.

I help kids and families connect and learn through great books and fun activities.

I have extensive experience creating interactive health education resources for learners of all ages. Human Body Learning Lab, my anatomy book for kids, won the prestigious AAAS/SB&F Prize for Excellence in Science Books in 2024.

I am also known for my bilingual parenting website, Chalk Academy. Chalk Academy was inspired by my struggles and success with re-learning my heritage language with my children.

Behind the scenes

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Dr. Betty Choi is a board-certified pediatrician and the creator of Human Body Learning and Chalk Academy. From anatomy to bilingual parenting, she specializes in making learning relevant, accessible, and memorable.

Dr. Choi completed her pediatrics training at Harvard Medical School / Boston Children’s Hospital and Boston University / Boston Medical Center. Subsequently, as a hospitalist and assistant clinical professor at UCLA Medical Center, she cared for children with complex medical conditions and mentored medical students and residents.

Building on her passion as an educator, she joined UWorld as a lead physician author in developing interactive, visually engaging study tools for medical trainees and other healthcare professionals. Dr. Choi also founded Chalk Academy, a multilingual parenting website with hands-on activities, homeschooling resources, and growth mindset guidance for families. Human Body Learning Lab is her debut children’s book.

Dr. Choi lives in central California with her husband and children. She enjoys running, swimming, hiking, playing board games, and making music with her family.

Betty Choi