Top 5 Favorite Resources

Playing chutes and ladders with my kids

We’ve created years of special memories with these books, toys, and games. We love supporting libraries and local bookshops and sharing gifts with friends and neighbors.

These are the websites that my family has used most often for learning about science, history, and other interesting facts:

Huge thanks to writers and authors who share candid advice on websites and podcasts! You inspire me to persevere and pass on the generosity.

Although I strictly limit my social media use, these Facebook groups have been trustworthy and supportive communities. Members must be verified physicians.

These services have been the most helpful for my various websites:

  • BigScoots: Web hosting with speedy and friendly customer service
  • iMark Interactive: The best team for technical support and website maintenance
  • Canva Pro: Easy-to-use graphic design tools and templates for infographics, greeting cards, worksheets, e-books, and more

Note: I pay for each of these services and programs, but these links are affiliate links. If you click an affiliate link and make a purchase, I earn a small commission which supports my work at no additional cost to you.