Human Body Learning Lab AAAS SB&F Hands-on Science Book Prize Winner 2024

Anatomy just got more fun for kids!

Human Body Learning Lab is filled with fun human body facts, colorful diagrams, practical health tips, and memorable hands-on activities.

Science Magazine recommends the book as “a notable standout in the genre” based on its “friendly prose,” advice on “protecting one’s growing brain,” and “refreshing affirmations.”

Available in English or Traditional Chinese 繁體中文.

Fascinating facts, colorful diagrams, practical health tips, and hands-on activities. Available in English or Chinese 繁體中文.

This is the book we have been waiting for…Visually stunning, fun, active, and educational. Bound to keep kids entertained and learning for hours. As a pediatrician and mother, I have been searching for a medically accurate book to teach about the human body. Not only does Dr. Choi’s book speak to children on their level, but the book has practical activities to accompany each organ system to deepen learning.

Janene H. Fuerch, MD

Neonatologist at Stanford Children’s Hospital and Cofounder of EMME

DIY spirometer anatomy science experiment book for kids

Dr. Choi not only presents a wealth of useful information about the workings of the human body, but she also includes instructions on how to actually “build” body parts and body systems. Hands-on learning is the best way for kids to really absorb what they’re studying.

Howard J. Bennett, MD

Pediatrician and Author of The Fantastic Body

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About the author

Betty Choi, MD is a board-certified pediatrician, mother of two, and the founder of Human Body Learning and Chalk Academy. From her roots at Boston Children’s Hospital to over a decade of work in education, her greatest passion is making learning memorable and meaningful for children.

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