Human Body Learning Lab in Traditional Chinese 天才小醫生的人體實驗課 繁體中文

Human Body Learning Lab Taiwan Chinese Edition 繁體中文 天才小醫生的人體實驗課: 18種遊戲實驗與10個器官模型DIY,內化孩子的醫學腦!

Get to know your amazing body with the best anatomy book for kids! 天才小醫生的人體實驗課 Human Body Learning Lab is now available in Traditional Chinese.

Where to buy in the United States:

Where to buy in Canada:

Where to buy worldwide (shipping from Taiwan):

Why the Chinese edition of Human Body Learning Lab is so special

Feeling all the emotions now….Human Body Learning Lab: Take an Inside Tour of How Your Anatomy Works has been published in Taiwan. In traditional Chinese 繁體中文, the book is called 天才小醫生的人體實驗課: 18種遊戲實驗與10個器官模型DIY,內化孩子的醫學腦!

Author Dr. Betty Choi with children's anatomy books

As some of you may know, I have been relearning Mandarin Chinese for nearly a decade with my children. Chinese was the first language I learned and lost during my childhood.

My website, Chalk Academy, was born from my triumphs and trials with raising bilingual children as a non-fluent parent in a monolingual community. It’s become the go-to website for effective teaching tips and fun hands-on activities in Chinese (and Korean)!

But as a busy mom, I’ve come to accept that I’ll probably never become fluent enough to write a book in another language.

Publishing a children’s book in English is already a dream. Most books do not get translated, so I am extra grateful for the chance to celebrate this milestone with you!🥹

THANK YOU to everyone who ordered the original English version, shared reviews, and requested it at your libraries. Because of your enthusiasm, a Taiwanese publisher took note, and now there’s a traditional Chinese version.

Photos of 天才小醫生的人體實驗課 Human Body Learning Lab in Traditional Chinese

Human body Learning Lab cells 天才小醫生的人體實驗課: 18種遊戲實驗與10個器官模型DIY,內化孩子的醫學腦!
Human body Learning Lab cells nervous system 天才小醫生的人體實驗課: 18種遊戲實驗與10個器官模型DIY,內化孩子的醫學腦!

Where to buy 天才小醫生的人體實驗課 Human Body Learning Lab in Traditional Chinese

Hardback copies of 天才小醫生的人體實驗課: 18種遊戲實驗與10個器官模型DIY,內化孩子的醫學腦! can be ordered from the following online bookstores: (博客來), the largest online retailer in Taiwan, ships internationally.

In the United States: The book is in stock at Mr and Mrs Books and Yo! Baby Shop.

Readers in Canada can order from Little Kozzi (based in Toronto) and Yuto (based in Vancouver).

Where to buy the English version of Human Body Learning Lab

In the United States, the original English edition is available at AmazonBookshop, Target, and bookstores everywhere.

In most other countries, Amazon, Blackwell’s, and other major retailers carry the book.

Bonus activities for Human Body Learning Lab 天才小醫生的人體實驗課

Human Body Learning Lab Bonus Activity Packet

Fingers crossed for more language editions, including Korean and simplified Chinese, in the future!

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